Carmen Muñoz refuses to return to TV Azteca for this reason

  • The driver refuses to return to the Ajusco television station for a powerful reason that has to do with her family stability.

  • Carmen Muñoz is about to finish the first season of ‘Secretos al Desnudo’.

  • At the end of last year, the presenter announced that despite being one of the most recognized TV Azteca hosts, she made the decision to leave the company.

Carmen Muñoz at the end of last year announced that she had made the decision to leave the Ajusco television station. Weeks after said revelation it was announced that she was in talks to join Televisa.

The driver explained that after her contract with TV Azteca ended, she was unable to reach an agreement with them, so she had made the decision to end her employment relationship.

Now Muñoz is about to finish the season of the program ‘Secretos al naked’ which is broadcast by Unicable, and although he assures that he has the possibility of looking for another project on TV Azteca, he refuses to do so for a powerful reason.

Carmen Muñoz refuses to return to TV Azteca for this reason

In a recent meeting with the press, Carmen Muñoz assured that her plans do not include returning to TV Azteca, since Televisa gave her the chance to have time to spend with her family, something that apparently all the time she worked at Azteca did not give him.

“I am very happy in ‘Secretos al naked’, we are finishing the season, they asked us for a few more episodes and that shows that the public has been watching us, that they like the program and that is why they have asked us to do a little more. I am waiting for the company to surprise me, we will talk about what is good for me, ”she said.

A reporter questioned her about whether: “Would you return to TV Azteca at some point?” She commented: “I am happy with the life of being on Televisa, of sharing with the public every afternoon on Unicable, I am really with time that I needed for myself, for my family, enjoying what I do and therefore happy with life”.

Finally, the presenter assured that she was happy on the San Ángel television station, since she considers that she has many more job opportunities.

“I think there are many possibilities, it is a very large company. With the merger of Televisa-Univision, I believe that many paths are opened and surely when I have it in mind we will be talking about it, ”he concluded.

Carmen Muñoz refuses to return to TV Azteca for this reason

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