Beatriz Paredes raises her hand towards the 2024 elections

the senator Beatriz Paredes Rangel raised his hand to seek the presidential candidacy for the 2024 elections, first by his party, the PRIthen by the coalition goes to Mexicoand hinted that she could be key for the Citizen Movement to join the alliance.

On a visit to the facilities of Herald Media Groupwhere she spoke with directors and columnists, said that she has been linked to the people for many years, so she does not have to invent contact with the party’s bases.

In addition, he assured that he has links with PAN members, PRD members and with Citizen movementbecause he is linked by a deep friendship with Dante Delgadonational leader of the orange party, whom he referred to as a great strategist who is designing an important political project at the national level.

He said that he has everything to be a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, that it is possible to beat Morena, but that to achieve it, unity and strategic articulation, a long-term vision and a project with a coalition government where a team of outstanding men and women to govern.

He reiterated that the connection with civil society, with the people, is fundamental, because people are fed up with parties, for which he believes that it is also necessary to strengthen political leadership at the national level with ideological principles instead of making decisions with pragmatic criteria. .

He considered that the crisis of his party began with the assassination of Colosio, but that it has increased despite having returned to the Presidency.


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