Banamex user accuses attempted fraud from a call that “came from the bank.” What is Spoofing?

A user of Twitter recounted how they tried to swindle her from a number of “corporate Citibanamex”mentioning that someone tried to access their mobile banking from an unidentified device.

In the call he received, they told him not to “worry”, to go into his on line bank to verify that everything was in order and check notices of unrecognized charges.

“Upon entering the portal, I immediately received a notification: they had made a charge for $110,000 on my credit card”, declared the user.

She said that she was shocked when she saw the amount, but the woman on the phone tried to reassure her, “claiming that at that moment we were going to review the movements and then she would block access to the banking electronics. She was telling me all the charges from the previous month, that is, she was inside my bank account”.

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“I’m here to help you,” the woman on the other end of the line told him; when the user immediately tried change your password without success, because the system did not allow him to make the change.

“He gave me his full name and a page. He agreed to call me today at 9:00 am and insisted that, for security, he not talk to anyone, not log into my account and wait for him to contact me. As soon as I hung up, I called Citibanamex and they told me that they had not called.”

Card cancellation

The Citi client asked for they will cancel everything: cards, access to the online portal, token, etc.

He assured that the formalities they lasted an hour because calls dropped and “every time I had to redial and explain my problem to a new executive.

“My back, my throat, my life ached… to think that in those minutes someone could be stealing that money that wasn’t mine and that I was going to have to pay. The last person to assist me suggested that I go to the bank today to return it so as not to generate interest.”

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They call back from Citibanamex

The same woman who had called from Citibanamex He dialed again, “I guess the next thing was to have me transfer the $110,000 to another account.”

“I sent her to hell and ran to the bank. She kept dialing until I blocked the number.”

She said that at the Narvarte branch they took a long time to serve her, they explained that someone got into her account, borrowed the $110,000 a month without interest.

Citibanamex commented to the bank client that she had to carry out various procedures to return the money

“They almost told me that if I already have it, then use it, all in all, the interest is only 11% plus VAT.”

The Citibanamex executive told him “don’t worry” that he is only going to pay about $1,200 in interest this month.

“These practices are very normal, it’s good that it didn’t happen to adults,” said the citibanamex executive.

The user declared that she will file a complaint with the Condusef and warned people not to answer calls from the Citibanamex number because it is a fraud.


Fraud with Spoofing

According to the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM), with this fraudthe criminal “masks” or “disguises” his number, so that the name of the bank appears in the identifier and thus request his confidential data.

What to do to avoid it?
-Register the official number in your phone and always check that the sender’s phone number matches, even if the identifier says the name of your bank.

-Although your identifier says the name of your bank, DO NOT share your confidential data.

-Remember that your bank does not call to request sensitive information such as access, passwords, PINs or CVV.

-If in doubt, HANG UP and contact your bank directly.

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