Balenciaga sells “garbage bag” for 36 thousand pesos

Balenciaga’s “garbage bag” comes in various colors and is made of leather. Photo: Twitter @MrDavidSkilling

Balenciaga, a Spanish luxury designer brand, once again set a trend, but again because of the items it brings to the market and this time what caused a stir was the launch of its “garbage bag”inspired by a common plastic garbage bag, which costs thousand 790 dollarsmore of 36 thousand Mexican pesos; It’s made of leather, comes in various colors and is waterproof.

According to the description of the site hypebeast the Balenciaga “garbage bag” it is “made of supple leather and imbued with irregular wrinkles, and finished with a delicate shiny coating. Arriving in four colourways, each bag is adorned with a subtle logo from Balenciaga. For those interested, Trash Bag It is now available in stores around the world and on the brand’s website.”

In the words of the designer “garbage bag”, DemnaHe said he “couldn’t miss the opportunity to make the most expensive garbage bag in the world, because who doesn’t like a fashion scandal.”

The sale of the “precious” luxury item filled social networks with comments and memes that questioned the price of the product and the idea of ​​where the designer was inspired.

Balenciaga and the controversy over his broken and dirty sneakers of thousands of pesos

With the market launch of the “garbage bag”brings to mind another of the products that the Spanish brand launched and that also caused an avalanche of criticism and memes: broken and dirty tennis shoes.

The collection called “ugly sneakers”, that it was actually new sneakers but with a worn and dirty looktitled Paris Sneakers, was announced by the designer Demna Gvasaliacreator of the no less controversial crocs of platform and also of the “garbage bag”.

The designer promised that these sneakers would be worn “forever” and so that wear and tear does not matter, you add it from the moment of purchase.

Balenciaga just did 100 piecesput up for sale in May of this year, and had a cost that ranged from 11 thousand pesos to 42 thousand pesos.

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