AMLO. “Get my dad out of jail,” asks a boy in Tlaxcala

Thanks to his cunning and his slim body, Emmanuel Rosales8 years old, circumvented security of the state and federal government and was able to reach the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Y deliver a letter for demand justice in the case of your father Saul Rosales Melendez president of the community of San Pedro Tlalcuapan, Chiautempan, Tlaxcala, who is detained accused of lynching last April.

Doubting for a few moments to be able to reach the federal Executive, the minor steeled himself and got between metal fences installed in the General Hospital of Huamantla, and without being arrested, he was able to reach the pavilion to deliver the letter.

“Get my dad out of jail because he’s innocent”was what the minor asked the federal Executive quickly and a little nervously.

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After listening to their requests, President López Obrador gave the boy a kiss on the forehead.

“What did the president answer you?” The minor was asked who, after his feat, went with his family and who carried small signs demanding justice for Saúl Rosales.

“He told me he was going out,” he replied between tears, but hugged by his grandmother María de los Ángeles Meléndez.

Relatives of Saúl Rosales Meléndez trust that with this letter delivered to President López Obrador they will be heard and the case will be reviewed.

On July 14, the Tlaxcala State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) arrested Saúl Rosales Meléndez, president of the community of San Pedro Tlalcuapan, municipality of Chiautempan, for his probable co-responsibility in the consummated lynching of a man, which occurred in last April, during Good Friday of Holy Week.

The arrest of Rosales Meléndez was carried out by elements of the Investigative Police just as he was leaving a Cabildo session at the Chiautempan City Hall.

On April 15, after celebrating Good Friday and the staging of Jesus’ Stations of the Cross, the inhabitants of the community of San Pedro Tlalcuapan, municipality of Chiautempan, became the protagonists of a lynching in which a man was beaten and burned to death. alive, after he was accused of having tried to rob a house.

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