Aesthetic medicine or anti-aging?

Stem cells allow us to reset our cells so that they recover their quality

The basis for beautiful skin, are the cells

Visiting the staff of Medical Plan, in PLANO INFORMATIVO, Dr. Bárbara García spoke to us about the differences between aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine, and told us that “Esthetic medicine started first and as time went by we realized that the basis for any beautiful skin that looks good, without flaccidity, because it is healthy skin, so we went to everything inside the body, to everything that happens at the molecular level, to slow down all these aging processes to be able to look even better “.

He explained that “This is where anti-aging medicine is born. The main difference between one and the other, is that aesthetics, as we mentioned, works a little more correctively on the outside, while anti-aging is preventive and works throughout the interior of the Body”.

Diet slows DNA mutation

Bárbara García said that “You have to eat well, fruits and vegetables, exercise, but what is the reason for all this, well, it is to protect our DNA, that it is not mutating, that our quality of cells, beyond a physical , to look good, is to feel good, that our body gives us a better quality of life, greater mobility, not losing vision”.

The specialist explained that “Here it is no longer so much whether we are going to age or not, because we are all going to age, but how we want to age.”

Dr. García considered that “First of all and right now the most important thing is sunscreen, solar radiation.”

But he explained that “I don’t want to confuse anyone here, because the sun is very good and has many properties for our skin. In general, it helps us produce serotonin, which is a hormone of happiness, but the radiation is currently very strong. Our body is no longer designed to withstand it, you can’t spend more than 10 minutes in the sun without breaking a sweat, without burning yourself.”

For this reason, said Bárbara García, “We must protect ourselves from ultraviolet radiation with sunscreen, not just once a day, it is something that is not very common, we must be retouching it two to three times.”

Olives, a surprise benefit

The specialist told the readers of PLANO INFORMATIVO that “Food is very important right now, specifically I want to talk about some foods that are very good, that help us neutralize all these radicals or oxidative stress that is released with the emotional stress that we have, of radiation and so on. Some very powerful neutralizers and antioxidants currently have been shown to be olives. Olives have a very powerful antioxidant power because of hydroxycortisol. It has a very powerful background, so well, adding olives to our diet would be incredible that we can start doing today. Olive oil also has all these properties”.

This is what stem cells are for.

Dr. García also explained that treatment with stem cells “It helps us that if we already have a cell that is damaged, that already has some mutation in its DNA, in that it is no longer coming out with the quality that it should, it helps us to reset it, to make those cells recover their quality again and to increase our stem cells”.

He pointed out that “The stem cells are all the reserves of each type of cell that we have, of neurons, in the kidneys, in this case collagen, elastin, which right now with food is also very loaded with sugars that crystallize, we begin to to lose collagen, we begin to lose mobility in the joints and that flaccidity also begins to appear in our skin”.

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