5 PHOTOS of Yanet García that prove she is the NEW queen of OnlyFans

When she became known on television as a weather girl, Yanet Garcia captivated millions of viewers, because in addition to his charisma he surprised by showing off one of the most spectacular figures in the medium, and since then he has become a celebrity, who over the years and just by looking at his Photosalready considered by many to be the new queen of onlyfansat least in Mexico.

For more than eight years, yanet She was introduced to the fitness world, and in this way she formed her spectacular figure, and her great opportunity to stardom came when she was seen by producers from Televisa Monterrey, who offered her to give the weather in some news spaces. From that moment on, she became famous, not only in Nuevo León, but throughout the country, because she stole her attention with her beauty and sensuality.

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