Woman accused of the multi-homicide of her family falls in Veracruz

During the first hours of this Wednesday she was transferred to Veracruz, Yesenia Yvonne “N”, resident of Villa Juárez, Lerdo, Durango, detained by the police of that state and PID of Durango, for her alleged participation in the homicide of his parents, a sister and her husband, a brother and his wife, as well as a 15-year-old nephew.

The family was originally from the town of La Loma, in the municipality of Lerdo, Durango, where their remains were buried by their loved ones and friends.

State Prosecutor Daniel Rocha reported that staff from the homologous agency in Veracruz arrived at the entity the day before yesterday to locate and detain the alleged perpetrator.

“Yesterday, thanks to the coordinated work of the Durango and Veracruz prosecutors, the location and arrest of this person was carried out, who was left in the custody of the Veracruz prosecutor’s office yesterday and transferred to that entity to answer for the accusation that is being made against him”.

The official pointed out that The motive for the multiple homicide, the proceedings and the hypothesis belong to the Veracruz authorities. “The important thing is to contribute and help the detention.”

Rocha Romo maintained that in order to achieve the arrest of the presumed person, the elements of the Intelligence Unit worked together, not only with Durango, but also with Coahuila, because there was evidence that the presumed person responsible was in Coahuila, for which reason He did research work in Torreón and the Comarca Lagunera of Coahuila and Durango.

Yesenia Ivonne, 35 years old, was arrested on Tuesday in Lerdo Durangoin coordination with the Veracruz Investigative Police, by having an arrest warrant for his probable responsibility in the crime of homicide of seven members of a family from La Loma, in Lerdo Durango.

The events occurred on July 3, in a house located in Boca del Rio, Veracruz.


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