Video: The Iranian Hulk was knocked out by the Kazakh Titan after an embarrassing boxing debut

Sajad Gharibi, better known as “The Iranian Hulk” he eventually made his combat sports debut in a boxing match with another social media personality.

The 30-year-old Iranian became known on social networks for doctored photos showing an imposing physique on his account. Instagram. Supposedly at 385 pounds, it has long been speculated that photos of Ghabiri They were heavily edited.

The social media phenomenon quickly rose to fame in combat sports, including being rumored to debut in Bare Knuckle F.C. in 2019. After failing to materialize, Gharby signed a contract with BoxStar to face the British actor and bodybuilder Martin Ford.

In the first face to face dubai prior to the event, Ford I send the Iranian flying after pushing him. Shortly after, Martin he withdrew from the fight this after worrying about the mental health of Gharibi.

It didn’t take long for the influencer to be challenged by Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, better known as “The Kazakh Titan«. The two met this Sunday afternoon in Dubai.

Despite Ford he was human and decided to get out of the fight. “The Iranian Hulk” insisted that he had to face him after the fight with Bakhytovich. It seems that those plans could not materialize, this after the embarrassing debut of Gharibi.

The swift defeat was not lost on social media, with many believing the Iranian should retire for his physical well-being. It will be Ghabiri already learned or will seek to finalize the fight with Ford at all costs? Only time will tell.

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