VIDEO: Cynthia Klitbo explodes and indirectly sends Juan Vidal after accusing her of snoring when she sleeps

Dimes and diretes continue, as well as hints between Cynthia Klitbo Y John Vidal. After denouncing him for psychological violence, when he was inside “La Casa de los Famosos 2”, she practically became the protagonist of a real-life soap opera, because now even Niurka Marcos joined to make some controversial statements.

The actress of “Teresa” also accused the Dominican of having owed money, which he paid her recently; However, the rumor spread that the Cuban woman had lent him money to pay off his debt. This provoked an immediate reaction from the star, who, very much like her, clarified that it was a lie from her and that she did not want to war with her.

At the time Klitbo assured that she would not respond to bickering because there are levels, something that Niurka did not take very well and agreed with her: assured that while she is in heaven, Juan Vidal’s ex-partner must break stone to remain in force or else “it would disappear from the face of the Earth.”

During a live broadcast on his cell phone, Cynthia Klitbo did not hesitate for a moment to respond to those who have attacked her. In this case, he said that he has a long history that has cost him a lot of work to conquer, in addition to taking care of himself so that the next person who comes into his life is “healthy.”

However, she was clear when responding to Juan Vidal, who at the time told her that she snored like a locomotive: “He who sleeps with a lioness, my love, knows that he snores. If you don’t like it, why do you have a house, and I tell you, yes I snore, because I’m a lioness and lionesses snore, growl, but we also protect, hunt, provide, we are protectors. I prefer to see myself as a strong and brave woman than as a moron”.

In the same way, he assured that things should be reported and he did it so that other women do not remain silent in the face of acts of violence against them.

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