VIDEO: Ana Bárbara is left without a skirt and reveals more of her statuesque figure in full concert

the mexican singer Ana Barbara She has become the Grupera Queen and in turn the most recognized in the artistic medium because her music has become a habitual choice for all those who enjoy the Mexican regional, that is why whenever they have the opportunity, the interpreter’s fans meet at their live events.

On this occasion, the famous judge of the 20-year-old Academy had a flaw in her wardrobe, because wanting to give a spectacular concert, she took pains to attend to any detail of her clothing, butApparently he did not secure one of the skirts he used and this one played a trick on him by untying and leaving her with only part of her clothes.

“Wait for me a little”can be heard in the video that has become viral on social networks and in which it is seen how almost immediately a large part of her team come to help her, they put the garment back on and the concert continues to the shouts of the people who were in the front rows and they saw closely everything that happened.

This is not the first time that the 50-year-old singer from San Luis Potosí suffers from some accidents, In previous moments she has had setbacks with her wardrobe, she has also been in trouble with her dresses, necklines and shoes.

The interpreter of “Bandido”, “Forbidden Fruit”, “I looked for it” and “That little” usually mocks and takes with grace the unfortunate things she goes through, it is so he has uploaded some videos on his official accounts where his fans reiterate the support they have always given him.

Ana Bárbara is one of the judges of the 2022 broadcast of “La Academia”her participation has been applauded by viewers who admire the singer’s accurate criticism, who are also aware of her participation and comments.

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