Valentina Ivanova: The actress who left her career to marry Cantinflas

Mario Morenobetter known as Cantinflaswas one of the most memorable comedians of the call Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, because with his films he positioned himself in the taste of the people. Despite the years, the actor is still remembered for his work on the big screen, but also for his controversial personal life, such as his marriage to Valentina Ivanova, an artist who had to leave her career after marrying the actor.

The call “Mime from Mexico” He started in show business as a dancer, so in the 1930s, the comedian was already performing in the tents of Mexico City, where he quickly gained fame. At that time, Mario Moreno joined the traveling theater company”Valentine“, owned by Russian artists Gregor Ivoff and Ana Zukova, who would later become her in-laws.

Valentina Ivanova left her career for Cantinflas

The owners of the tent had three daughters: Valentine, Olga and Támara, who were part of the show with the group “Zubaref Triof”. The three were talented, because in addition to acting, they also specialized in dancing, surprising viewers with their show. In addition, according to records, they were very beautifulso it is not surprising that the protagonist of “There is the detail” has fallen in love with one of them.

Valentina Ivanova and Cantinflas were married in 1934 Photo: Special

In 1929, Cantinflas joined the company, so the coexistence made him fall in love with the company also known as Valentina Zubareff, whom he married on October 27, 1934, despite the fact that his father was opposed to the relationship. The couple formed one of the most consolidated marriages of the time, because while the comedian managed to establish a career in national cinematography, the actress supported him.

Mario Moreno managed to make his film debut in 1939 with the film “Don’t be fooled heart“However, it was not until the following year that he starred in “there is the detail” which began to gain a lot of popularity. Tapes like “Romeo and Juliet”“The doorman”, “Raquel’s bolero” and “Immediate delivery”are some with which the comedian was considered one of the best actors of the golden age.

meanwhile, although Valentine She was also recognized for her talent, she never debuted in the cinema and there is no record that she would have continued in the theater or in the tents. The actress and dancer only dedicated herself to supporting Mario Moreno in his prolific career. Although they were unable to have biological children, the couple stayed together and after a few years they adopted Mario Moreno Ivanova.

Despite the fact that rumors of infidelity on the part of the protagonist of “The teacher“, Valentina stayed by his side until the day of his death on January 5, 1966. The original of Moscow, Russia, lost the battle against bone cancer. After the death of his wife, Cantinflas he had other affairs, but never remarried. The Golden Cinema comedian lost his life on April 20, 1993 due to lung cancer.


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