This was the sad life of Raúl Velasco after the cancellation of “Always on Sunday”

“Always on Sunday” became the number one program on Mexican television. This converted to Raul Velasco in one of the men powerful and influential from the show business of that country, since the decision to give an artist the opportunity for her career to take off was passing through it, or likewise, “lowering the thumb” to the one who did not like the controversial host.

The last time the iconic Program It was on April 19, 1998. Velasco had been suffering from some health problems, and even, on occasion, he had to ask his daughter Karina Velasco for help in driving. For his part, the change of direction of Televisa gave the final blow, since by taking the reins of the television network Emilio Azcarragasought to give a new twist to the programming and was cutting the air time of “Always on Sunday”which upset Raúl Velasco, who, upset by the decisions of the directors, chose to resign.

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