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Tatiana Palacios Pinsimply known as Tatiana, is one of the women in the show business who constantly attracts attention due to her talentsince throughout her career she has sold more than nine million records, because since she began in the artistic world, the famous one has positioned herself in the affection of the public of all ages as one of the most beloved and favorite interpreters of the children.

Even though Tatiana is currently a free woman, Independent and empowered, who presumes herself on social networks, the truth is that this was not always the case. Regardless of her success and her constant appearance in the spotlight, the truth is that little is known about her private life. Tatianaand in this sense, now her fans have wondered what happened to the children of the also actress.

About Tatiana’s personal life

Let us remember that the famous singer is the mother of two and it is about Cassandra and Andrik, who were born as a result of the relationship that “The Queen of Children” had with the businessman Andrés Puentes, whom he met due to some contracts they signed together.

Tatiana met Andrés when she was 16 years old, but it was until she was 18 that he began to notice her; for this moment the businessman Andrew Bridges He was 13 years older than Tatiana and in his history there were already two marriages and two children in his life.

The children’s music singer assured that she lived in captivity next to her ex-husbandCredits: Twitter: @armandgutgam and IG: @oficial.tatiana

However, it is known that he managed to make Tatiana fall in love, so they arrived at the marriagebut this nuptial union between the singer and Andrés was chaotic and even Tatiana has described this relationship as hell, because despite the fact that at the beginning the man was charming, the truth is that later he ended up manipulating various situations that even made the singer separated from his mother.

Tatiana’s eldest daughter

As a result of that chaotic marriage, Tatiana’s first daughter was born and it is Cassandra, who is currently 28 years old and who was born in the midst of marital problems between Tatiana and Andrew. According to the story of the Mexican nationalized American, Andrés Puentes would have made several scenes of jealousy and even hit her. mens when the singer greeted them at public events.

It is currently unknown what he does Cassandrasince it is presumed that she could be totally away from the spotlight because she does not have a good relationship with her mother, this was allegedly caused by Andrew Bridgeswho a couple of years ago started a legal battle against Tatiana, accusing her of depriving him and his daughter Cassandra of an apartment in Vallarta Port.

Here are the photos of Cassandra28, Tatiana’s eldest daughter, with whom “The Queen of Children” apparently does not have much contact.

Tatiana next to her children Cassandra and Andrik. Photo: Special

Tatiana next to her children, fruit of the relationship with Andrés Puentes. Photo: Special



Tatiana and Andrés Puentes: The story of a stormy love that began when she was a minor

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