This is the luxurious house of Fernando del Solar, for which Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro fight

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On June 30 we informed you of the death of Fernando del Solarafter complications with pneumonia, causing great commotion in the world of entertainment, and although it seemed that everything around him was calm, in recent days it became known that they would be fighting ingrid coronado Y anna ferro by luxurious house that the driver lived in the last years of his life.

According to the entertainment journalist Jorge Carbajalon his YouTube channel, En Shock, revealed that Anna Ferro would be interested in keeping the house where she lived with Fernando del Solarhowever, this would be very complicated because Said property would pass into the hands of his children in the event of his death.

“It turns out that the problems have already started and they are coming big … I thought that Ana Ferro and Ingrid Coronado had turned out well, but it turns out not … About eight or nine years ago, when he found out that he had cancer, Ingrid and Fernando decide to open a trust with this house and put it in the name of their three children, for whatever happensCarbajal said.

Jorge Carbajal explained that the widow of Fernando del Solar, Anna Ferro called to ask about the situation of the house because Fernando would have shown his desire for her daughter to stay with the house. Despite this, the driver could not have done anything about it, because in order to inherit the property, he first had to have Ingrid’s authorization and for her to sign the corresponding papers.

How is the house in which Fernando del Solar lived in recent years?

The luxurious house that Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado bought a couple of years ago and where he moved to get away from the city when he was diagnosed with cancer is located in a exclusive subdivision in Cuernavaca, Morelos, and which can be seen how it is due to photos and videos that he shared on social networks. The place is seen to have large windows, lots of natural light and is surrounded by bushes and palm trees.

The interior decoration is made up of mirrors, modern furniture, ceramic objects and the walls are painted in white, so the details are in dark colors such as gray, brown and black.

The dining room is composed of a rectangular table of marble and gray chairs, the furniture is chocolate-colored, also in the space there is a mirror with a silver frame and it is surrounded by some beautiful plants. Meanwhile, the living room has individual blue sofas, with a grayer one, a glass coffee table, a chocolate-colored piece of furniture and a wall-mounted television.

Finally, the main bedroom is made up of a large bed with a headboard and bedside tables in chocolate and beige, with a triptych painting of the sunrise, a closet with brown doors, among other decorative objects.

Here you can see a video of Fernando del Solar’s house

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