This is how Danna Paola responded to tiktoker who gave her opinion about her body

TikTok video where Edrei Peña expressed his concern for Danna Paola’s health

Edrey Pena it’s a tiktoker that is dedicated to talking about celebrities, focusing on physical issues, for example, the resemblance of firstborns to their mothers or firstborns to their fathers. However, this time the influencer mentioned to Danna Paola expressing concern about his weight.

Likewise, Endrei titled the video as “Danna Paola is extremely thin (shocked emoji)” and commented on the physical appearance of the singer in the Youth Awards. “I am very concerned about Danna Paola’s health (…) Look at the photos, the amount of weight she has lost, look at the bones that stand out on his back and on his chest“, said.

In fact, he used two photos of her and said that she was “full” before and assured that she began to lose weight but because of the bullying she received. “As we see it is unrecognizable (…) I know that public figures have to take care of their image, but there are limits because their health is at stake”, he sentenced.

Danna Paola's response in Edrei Peña's video (Capture: TikTok)
Danna Paola’s response in Edrei Peña’s video (Capture: TikTok)

For her part, the interpreter of shut up you replied in the comments of the clip TikTok annoyedly asking Endrei not to talk about bodies that aren’t his. “COCIT’S NOT MY BODY, I DON’T THINK DEARDana expressed.

In the comments you could read divided opinions, as there were some who supported the influencer saying things like: “99% think what you said, ntp”; “Calm down, we know that he is not with bad intentions, greetings”, this is because many others went over him for expressing his vision.

“It is that in reality we are nobody to talk about the bodies of anyone. Those things are to keep us quiet”; “Very worried now but the only culprits is society that only spends time criticizing”; “They have me fed up with this topic, she looks beautiful as she is”, were some responses against.

Edrei Peña made a tiktok talking about Danna Paola's weight (Capture: TikTok)
Edrei Peña made a tiktok talking about Danna Paola’s weight (Capture: TikTok)

And it is not the first time that the media or users of social networks criticize Danna Paola for her physical appearancesince precisely on the day of the awards, she was a trend on Twitter due to the diversified comments about her body, some even claimed that it was body shaming.

That word translates into Spanish as corporal humiliation and they are all those comments that outsiders make towards someone in order to criticize, embarrass or humiliate, for example, the typical phrases: “I see you plumper”, “you gained weight”, “you are in the bones”, among others .

For his part, Edrei Peña answered Danna Paola in another fragment of TikTok and he specified that he had not done it with malicious intent. “She kindly left a comment on my video, in which I expressed concern about her health (…) I have been her fan since she sang Candy world“, said.

Edrei Peña responded to Danna Paola’s comment

Similarly, he assured that he liked his music, that he listened to his songs and that he believed that she was the best young Mexican singer todayso for those reasons his message was not hateful and that he had genuinely cared for her.

“Honestly I was worried but I understand that she was upset, for which I publicly apologize and sincerely hope she is okay. Thank you very much”.

In the comments it was possible to read several users who supported the influencer. “It is noted that it was not hate. You are an educated person and I admire your humility.” For her part, the young singer has not responded to this clip nor has she left another message regarding that topic on her social networks.


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