They threaten to hit Renata Masciarelli through social networks

Despite all the times that other players have raised their voices, the cases of harassment and threats against soccer players Women’s MX League. Now it was the America’s goalkeeper, Renata Masciarelliwho evidenced the threats of a kind through private messages.

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The eagles guard shared on Twitter the capture of a chat from your Instagram account. And yes, in this one we see a absolutely reprehensible message (although look that it deserves other adjectives) towards Masciarelli.

renata has been characterized by do not tolerate insults on their social networks. Often responds in creative ways and confronts those who think that by being in the “anonymity” of their accounts they can freely attack.

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Renata Masciarelli received threats of being beaten and much more

However, on this occasion the goalkeeper showed that a subject did not stop him with the insults. In fact, in response to Masciarelli, the type began to threaten her with his car, hit her and even use influence so that he would have problems with the law.

“Imagine being threatened with death because you laugh at being insulted”, wrote Renata Masciarelli in the tweet where he shared the chat.

“I will only be brief. I see you and I throw your car into your truck or I wait outside the apartments and I don’t care if you’re a woman. I put a madriza or my friendsI told them, I gave them a fair and they agreed to watch you because you see, we’re here now. I don’t care pit# that you’re old, I’m going over you and blowing you out of control.”

Photo: MexSport

As we told you before, the guy started saying all that after the Women’s America goalkeeper did less other insults, which he did not share but it is not necessary because it’s not hard to imagine them seeing what he wrote to her afterwards.

“You take care of me. oh and another thing I know cops from the sector, the same and they stop you and stick you with drugs or something and you’re going to hit the 50 and not even Ame is going to take away the packages you have in the car or in you. start the clock now

One more case to the list

It is important to remember that Renata Masciarelli not even remotely the first Liga MX Femenil soccer player who denounces harassment or threats. Jana Gutiérrez and Selene Valera also suffered this in 2021 when they were both part of America. Greta Spinoza, of Tigres, came to suffer threats of death too, and the most recent case was another soccer player of the eagles, Scarlett Camberos.

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