They create BTS Jimin piñata and the resemblance surprises the ARMY, it is an exact replica

Jimin from BTS is one of the most popular idols in K-Pop. For this reason he is known as the Korean “It Boy”, since he imposes fashion, trends or is recognized outside the group thanks to his talent as a dancer. In Mexico, they created an exact replica of the singer in the form of a piñata.

It is not the first time that the members of bts They go viral in our country. They recently created a tortilla with the image of the K-Pop group, they have also brought botargas to the parties of Mexican fans. Even Jungkook has already starred in an episode of “La Rosa de Guadalupe”.

Now it was the turn of Jiminwho was immortalized by a Mexican piñata artist who shared his creation through his YouTube channel.

BTS: Jimin piñata created in Mexico

This is JMPP, a Mexican artist who creates handmade piñatas from scratch. Through the channel he shared the process of BTS Jimin Pinata. Taking inspiration from the idol with blue hair and a suit, his creator shared the photos that he was inspired to form the face of the Korean idol.

Also, so that every fan can make their own bts pinata, published three videos where you can see how he is putting it together, using the already traditional materials. The artist explains step by step to be able to make the exact replica of Jimin. In his profile you can find the full videos.

In addition to recycling materials that you probably have at home, you can also learn how to create handmade piñatas. Other fans have also shared videos to make replicas inspired by BTS or their BT21 characters.

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