These are the calories that a banana has, the best ally of a healthy diet

Although some may think that they are the same, the truth is that the plantain and the banana have some differences. Yes, they have very similar nutritional profilesas both belong to the Musaceae family, and they also offer very similar benefits.

Although the origin of the banana has been cited in Central America, the truth is that experts have located it in Indiabeing known in the Mediterranean after the conquest of the Arabs in the year 650 after Christ.

Meanwhile, in Spain the banana is one of the most consumed and cultivated fruits, especially in the Canary Islands and, according to the Consumption report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, we take an average of 13.89 kilos per Spanish year.

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Similar in colour, shape and size, the banana is more widely grown than the plantain on the other side of the Atlantic. It is straighter and longerwhile the banana is more curved and thicker, in addition to having those characteristic black specks.

Both fruits turn from green to yellow and turn black when they go bad, but in their optimum ripening time in banana strip to the ocher and its cousin to the bright yellow. In addition, both represent a food with a high nutritional value, highlighting its contribution in pectin and minerals that strengthen the health of the nervous system, bones and muscles.


Among its properties stands out fiber supplyessential to ensure the proper functioning of intestinal transit and, far from being discarded from diets due to a high caloric intake (compared to other fruits), it is convenient to include them to generate a feeling of satiety and help us control appetite.

They also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as a precursor to serotonin when processed, which would improve our stress levels, our mood and make it easier for us to fall asleep.

It’s no secret that the potassium content of these fruits makes them great allies of the cardiovascular systemsince “it contributes to muscle contractility and the transmission of nerve impulses and is essential for the electrical activity of the heart”, as valued by the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEN).

Regarding the banana in particular, it is necessary to clarify that contains more starch than the banana, but also more calcium. According to some studies, its proportion of antioxidant phenolic compounds helps prevent cell aging, with all that this implies, such as helping with some types of cancer.

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In addition, when they are especially ripe, they help strengthen the immune system and, according to a study, it is better than an isotonic drink for athletes to regain strength. Hence, we usually see them taking it.

shelled, the Nutritional value of banana per 100 grams is as follows: calories, 110 kcal; protein, 1.2 grams; carbohydrates, 26.2 grams; fiber, 2.1 grams; potassium, 387.8 milligrams; and calcium, 18.2 milligrams.


Whether banana or plantain, it is common to hear that they are the two most fattening fruits and that they should be avoided if one’s intention is to lose weight. However, although the calorie intake is greater than in others, they translate into a energy and nutrient boost very beneficial for the body, perfect for regaining strength after practicing physical exercise.

Also, both are low fatwith remarkable fiber and a high percentage of water in its composition, so they are suitable for weight loss diets.

The difference in calories between plantain and banana is minimal, but the second has more. If the banana gives a total of 94 FEN per 100 grams of edible portion, the banana arrives at 110 on average.

In any case, among bananas there is also a range of different caloric considerations, from the extra small, with 72 calories; the small one, with 90 calories; the median, with 105 calories; the large, with 121 calories; and the extra large, which reaches 135 calories.

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