The price of the iPhone 14 is filtered, but be careful not to trust it

It has been East Asia that has released the data (and MacRumors has reflected) that we all expect: the alleged price of the iPhone 14. And in principle the news is good, because it would be the same as that of the iPhone 13 which goes up to $799 in the United States. But that number has to be taken with very large pliers.

799 dollars can be many more euros in these times

First thing: with the iPhone 13, the price goes from $799 in the United States to the 909 euros from Spain and other European countries. It’s not just a currency conversion issue: the US price does not include taxes and the Spanish price does.

But the hard part is the second: in that Spanish price of 909 euros, the price increase caused by inflation and the increase in the value of the dollar with respect to the euro are not counted. So the iPhone 14 can cost more in Spain, much more. It could comfortably exceed 1,000 eurosto say something.

We do not predict small increases seeing what has happened with the MacBook Air M1

On the one hand, Apple has been relentless in compensating for these factors with the prices of its latest releases. The MacBook Air M1 has risen in price without upgrading features, two years after going on sale. And the MacBook Air M2, which should be the entry-level budget laptop, goes above 1,500 euros. So in Cupertino they could not have any hesitation when it comes to raising the price of the iPhone 14 to levels never seen before.

But on the other hand, the iPhone is responsible for about half of Apple’s revenue. Therefore, the financial health of the company depends a lot on those iPhones being sold. And if you launch the standard iPhone 14 for more than 1,000 euros, little is going to be sold. Let’s not say an iPhone 14 Pro that touches 2,000.

The price of the iPhone 14 might not go up (as much) as we thought.  Say thank you to Bitcoin

At the moment, what we can recommend is that if you want an iPhone 14 you are going to have to prepare your wallet and assume that the price in euros is going to be higher than last year. Unfortunately, if we are wrong, it will be good news. And we’d love to be wrong about that.

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