The letter that Santiago Giménez exchanged with the “Fan # 1” of Cruz Azul and the medal of the ninth that he gave him

Santiago Giménez received a two-page letter from Rubén Acevedo, “Cruz Azul’s Number 1 Fan” and in exchange he wrote him a warm farewell message

Ruben Acevedothe “Number 1 Fan of Blue Cross“, he arrived at the Noria around 6:30 in the morning, just as he has done for five years every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, without thinking that just this Wednesday would be one of the days that would be marked in his life, like the one where Santiago Gimeneznow a former player of the ‘Machine’ gave him a championship medal of the Closure 2021.

On the last day of Santiago Gimenez in the Noria, Mr. Acevedo He managed to give a two-page letter to “Chaquito”, who returned a small text in one of his notebooks, where he usually keeps a diary as an amateur and another of his personal life.

“The Number 1 Fan of Cross Azul” witnessed the arrival of Santiago Gimenez to La Noria, hoping to give him the letter he wrote a few weeks ago, upon learning that his idol was going to Europe to play with him. Feyenoord from the Netherlands.

The emotions of the Lord Acevedo they changed when he saw “Chaquito” leave around 9:40 in the morning, without the soccer player stopping. However, the “Number 1 Fan of the Blue Cross” He looked for someone who could support him to reach him, but he failed in the attempt.

The smile returned to him when he found out that his idol would return to the Noria later. She talked with some fans, to whom she warned them not to leave, because “Chaquito” would have to return to give a press conference.

Finally, around 10:40 a.m., the car showed up again. Santiago Gimenez. She immediately approached her, with two sheets, which had letters in blue, in which she expressed her feelings for him. Blue Cross and for “Chaquito”, where he thanks him for being close when he lost his daughter two years ago and for that day he put him in the Noria to give him a white box containing a Clausura 2021 champion medal, an item he keeps warily at home.

He pressed against the passenger window, where he was Gimenez, and gave him the two sheets, which the soccer player took while smiling. “Will it make me cry?” asked the attacker, who continued with the photos with other fans. Already at the end, Acevedo He brought him a notebook, where ‘Santi’ wrote him a message.

While Gimenez wrote in black ink, Mr. Ruben Acevedo He couldn’t bear the emotion and began to cry. Gimenez He handed her the notebook AcevedoStill in tears, he closed it, left it on the corner where he spends Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while he dried his eyes.

Once the emotion passed, he opened his notebook and offered it to heaven, as a way of thanking his daughter.

The letter you wrote Santiago says: “To the #1 Fan with lots of love from your friend Santiago Gimenezthanks for all the support, never stop loving the team because you are indispensable, big hug”.

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