The daughter of “Puma” Rodríguez demonstrates how to wear minishorts at 50

José Luis Rodríguez, known internationally as El Puma, has a life full of ups and downs and one of his pending quota is the relationship he has with his oldest daughters and with his first wife. Liliana Rodríguez, the eldest of her heirs, is the one who broke ties before but the first to defend her father from bad comments. She is a telenovela actress and an artist formed without depending on her relationship with the Venezuelan interpreter.

Last May, Liliana Rodriguez Morillo spoke about El Puma Rodríguez when he was a special guest on the Telemundo signal’s “Mesa Caliente” program. “I am going to breathe, to organize my thoughts. I have a churning volcano inside of me right now,” was what she said when she was reminded about her father.

To defend El Puma against rumors that he could have sung infected with Covid, Liliana He replied: “My dad, he is a sensible man and he is not crazy. He is a responsible, professional adult. I very much doubt that with two compromised lungs he would have the audacity to appear in front of any part of the planet with Covid, because he has to take care of himself 200% “.

Secondly, Liliana Rodriguez made clear his wishes for his father’s haters: “I would love it if instead of these silly comments that have no meaning or focus, we would focus better on a successful career, on a brave man, a warrior, who has won, who He is doing what he wants, what he likes. He is an applauded and beloved icon. Crowded rooms, sold outs everywhere he appears, “he concluded.

Recently, Liliana, who is also a singer like her father, posted a video promoting a pair of buccaneer boots. “Leave your wardrobe ready for the season” she wrote in her networks next to her clip that gathered several photos of her showing off her legs in fishnet stockings.

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