The Academy: The time that Dalú revealed that he was intimate with one of his companions in the reality show

something we like about The academy is that in each season there is always something to talk about, the controversy breaks out and the rumors and love affairs begin shortly after the start of the reality show and it is that what is born the spark of love or passion living with someone daily is impossible.

That was the case for Daluthe twelfth generation winner of the reality show musical of aztec tv, The academy and that he gave a lot to talk about when he confessed that he was intimate with one of his generation partners, something that is completely prohibited by the production.

Not to mention that the person with whom he claims to have had these relationships had a partner at the time, obviously these statements have made a lot of noise among the followers of The academy and the former academic Dalu And here we tell you everything you need to know.

Dalú breaking the rules

During that season of The academy there were many romances, but without a doubt the one that stood out above all was that of Dalu Y Carlos who were constantly kissing or approaching each other inside the house knowing that his girlfriend was seeing them.

The thing does not end there, the winner of the generation, Dalu confessed that he had intimate relations inside the house with Carlossomething that is strictly prohibited and that apart from breaking the rules was undoubtedly a very low blow for the girlfriend of Carlos who trusted him and encouraged him during each concert.

At one point in the history of that love affair within The academy, Carlos decided to leave that romance with Dalu and apologize to his girlfriend live, hoping to leave all that in the past, but when confirming the winner of the reality show aztec tv that they had even had relationships, it is difficult for both the fans of the reality show as they leave that episode in the past.

All this story of love, deception, triumph and forgiveness within the twelfth generation of The academy will go down in reality history aztec tv undoubtedly.

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