Socavón in Chile continues to grow; there is concern in the community

From 25 to 32 meters in diameter, the sinkhole which appeared on Saturday, July 30; local authorities attribute it to mining activity. Photo: Sernageomin

the mysterious sinkhole, that appeared last July 30 in the municipality of yellow earth, in Chiliincreased its diameter from 25 to 32 meters, which caused the concern of the authorities who attribute its appearance to operations mining what is in the area.

It was a day after the sinkhole appeared, around 4:30 p.m. (local time), when the mayor Christopher Zuniga demanded an investigation and response at the mine Candelaria caper rosea fact that he shared on video.

“We demand answers from Sernageomin and the competent authority to investigate why it happened and see the risks that this could happen in some other populated sector of our Yellow Earth. We will go to the last consequences as a Municipality to protect our community and once and for all put an end to these abuses and the excessive contamination of these mining companies”

Christopher Zuniga

Closure of accesses by sinkhole

In this regard, this Monday National Geology and Mining Service of Chile (Sernageomin) reported that agency personnel assess the situation and make recommendations to the sinkhole approximately 32 meters in diameter.

He added that the closure was instructed, from the accesses and to the work located in the vertical of the sinkhole, in addition to the presence of “sub geomechanics. Of Mining central level”.

Socavón already reaches a diameter of 32 meters

However, the same authorities of the municipality of Tierra Amarilla added that the dimension of the sinkhole was already 32 meters in diameter, with a depth of more than 60 meters and a base of 48 meters.

“The strong blasts that not only destroy our houses, they are also destroying our soil, and this fear that as a community we have had for a long time and that today is proven and the great risk, the great concern that we have as a community is that this may occur in some other point of Tierra Amarilla. (…) It must be established why this sinkhole occurred, what the reasons are; It is not a natural cause, here we cannot blame the rain, we had two floods and this did not happen”

Christopher Zuniga

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