SLP history. The forgotten day when San Luis Potosí had beaches

In the history of Mexico and New Spain, the changes in its territory were constant; An era that stands out was the political division in the Viceroyalty era when the twelve Municipalities were created, one of them annexed Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosí.

The system in New Spain was established after Bourbon reforms, As in all the territories of the Spanish Empire, the aim was to standardize the exercise of government and territorial administration. Unfinished purpose, but it was a model to define and delimit several territorial districts, later provinces and states.

This is how it was established in 1787 the Municipality of San Luis Potosi, the largest in territory during the Viceroyalty, which also included the provinces of Texas, Nuevo Santander (now Tamaulipas) and Coahuila, the New Kingdom of León and the districts of Charcas, Altamira, Catorce and Ramos.


We can consider that San Luis Potosí was the capital of the Municipality for its mining wealth and for having the largest number of inhabitants.

“The beaches of Potosi”

Although at that time there was no tourism as an industry, it had in its territory beaches like Miramar or Oyster Barnot counting the port of Tampico or Ciudad Madero.

It was a strategic point due to its geographical location to ensure political, military and administrative control, as well as the distribution of merchandise, since its location and its proximity to the port of Tampico and its link with the Pánuco River, allowed transport on the back of mules and later by rail, merchandise and commercial effects to the capital of Potosí and the rest of the country.

So it can be considered that for the first and only time in the history of the state there were beaches and access to the sea.


How did SLP lose the beaches?

The Quartermaster system was in force when the War of Independence broke out in New Spain.

In the period that comprised eleven years, the political division did not change, but when the Independence of Mexico was promulgated, one of the first points was to reorganize the territory and put an end to regionalism.

On September 27, 1821, the territorial organization of the First Mexican Empire was confirmed, which was the largest extension that Mexico had as an independent country.

Thus 24 provinces of the Empire arose; San Luis Potosí was one of them and those of Coahuila, Nuevo Santander, Nuevo León and Texas also emerged.

At that time, the entity established its territorial limits that are known today and were not modified during the organization managed by the provisional government of Mexico during the promulgation of the project of the bases of the federative Republic (May 21, 1823) and the decree of the Constitutive Act of the Mexican Federation (January 31, 1824).

An important year when the Free and Sovereign State of San Luis Potosí was created by decree of the Constituent Chamber of the Nation.

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