Ricardo Peláez reveals that he resigned, but Amaury Vergara did not accept it

Ricardo Peláez, sports president of Chivas, revealed that he submitted his resignation in the rojiblanco team, but that Amaury Vergara, owner of the club, did not accept it

MEXICO — Ricardo Pelaezsports president of Chivasassured that he presented his resignation in the rojiblanco box, but that Amaury Vergara, owner of the team, did not accept it. In an interview made by the club and broadcast on his social networks, he confessed that due to the results, he intended to leave the team.

“I did it on one occasion (resign) and Amaury did not accept it. Today is the third or fourth game that I have missed in 15 years. I’m not here because they operated on me and because of some clots. I resigned, my resignation was not accepted and I will not be doing it every 15 days. He will make the decision when he is suitable when he has to go, “confessed the manager.

About the topic, pelaez He stressed that he is not satisfied with the work he has done leading the team, and he also described the feelings caused by not getting the results on the field, especially when working in all areas.

“We have been inconsistent and I am not at all happy with what we have done in Chivas. I have been on duty, but we are doing well for the players to reach the first team or Europe, ”he said.

“I don’t want to lie to you, I’ve had moments of frustration, anger, very tired, frustrated. When we think we do almost everything, it is not reflected on the court. I feel frustrated, I have felt angry, I don’t know, help me with the adjectives. But on the other hand, I draw the energy, the experience and the persistence to fight for the objective”, Peláez sentenced.

He said he trusts the project Richard Chainbut only Amaury Vergara can define the continuity of the helmsman, as well as his person, because he believes that under his administration the rojiblanco team is on the right track.

“Yes and no because we are all under evaluation, but this tournament is complicated, it is going to be a two-month tournament and summer is going to be December football-wise and everything is so fast that logic prevails. I feel committed to the players by the coach. He would tell you yes, but anything can happen in football, ”concluded the manager of the Guadalajara.

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