Ricardo Peláez resigned from Chivas but his departure was not accepted

The sporting director of the Chivas, Ricardo Pelaez appeared to “face” and talk about the past, present and future of the club, recognizing that at some point he resigned from the owner, Amaury Vergarajust at a difficult moment, and that the businessman from Guadalajara did not accept the exit.

pelaez He is about to complete three years at the head of the club’s sports management and although he said they have been left to owe, he called it a project mutation what has been experienced with the Guadalajara club.

“Yes actually I already did it on some occasion and Amaury did not accept it (the resignation)my communication with Amaury is very good, he knows that I am in it day to day. I am not in Los Angeles because of my knee that I just had surgery and I was not allowed to travel. With Amaury I have a great communication. At some point of great pressure I already resigned, he did not accept me the resignation and I will not be giving up every 15 days either”, he told the journalist, David Medrano.

“No one likes him. He knows perfectly well. He will make the decision when he deems it necessary and when I have to go.but I will be persevering until the last day. We are getting closer, accelerating the processes, getting 7, 8 players from the Basic Forces is a good step, and we are working well in the short or medium term. It does not correspond to the demand of this team, people want more, people want results today and this project does not meet that urgent need of results, then we are left to dutywe are doing something wrong, we need to win, we have been inconsistent, lousy start to the tournamentwe have not won.

Ricardo Peláez is not having a good time

Since his arrival in 2019, Chivas has achieved a Semifinal as his best tournament, which was in the Opening 2020 when he removed them Lion.

I don’t want to lie to you, I’ve had moments of frustration, anger, not tiredness. Frustrated, when we think we do almost everything and take care of every aspect it doesn’t show up on the pitch,” he added.

I consider myself a capable, honest manager, today I am having a hard time, I’m not doing well I am not satisfied with what I have achieved in Chivas“.

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