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Faced with the crisis arising from the pandemic, exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and at risk of escalating due to a possible conflict between the United States and China, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed a five-year global truce to avoid further damage.

“The world is ready to agree, among all peoples and nations, on a truce of at least five years to be able to face crises that affect peoples, to stop the war, the confrontation, the provocations”, he maintained.

The truce would give the world a break from new possible conflicts and would imply the cessation of attacks between Russia and Ukraine, the consequences of which seriously affect civilians, the president said.

López Obrador urged the Organization of the United Nations (UN) to carry out a review of its proposal and requested the collaboration of the nations involved in the current geopolitical struggles.

“We do not want hegemonies in the world, it is not too much to ask the United States, Russia and China to accept this proposal, it could be raised in the UN,” he said.

The president also demanded not putting the interests of governments and groups of economic power above the general interest because those who are affected by wars “are the people of all countries.”

“How can it affect presidents, heads of state, legislators, because they even have special protection but the people who have to buy tortillas and have to buy more expensive or bread or have to pay more for electricity and who needs the cold air or the heater, how are they going to do in the winter?How many people will suffer? It’s going to have to tighten up,” she commented in reference to global food shortages and power cuts currently threatening European nations.

Mexico’s position in the face of a possible conflict between the US and China

As he did at the time with Russia and Ukraine, the president urged dialogue to prevent a conflict from breaking out between China and the United States.

“The position of our country is that there be no wars, that warlike confrontations are avoided, that agreements through dialogue”.

López Obrador asked the countries not to wager on war or trade after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan resulted in the application of economic sanctions on the island nation.

“That we all make the commitment not to bet on confrontation, on wars, of course on warfare, but neither do we bet on trade war Why this affects us all”, He commented about it.

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