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On Friday, Star Plus releases ‘Predator: Prey’ and their first reactions are entirely favorable.

Star Plus It already has the ground ready for one of its biggest premieres since the sister platform of Disney Plus came to the world. Is about Predator: The Preyfilm starring Amber Mid Thunder that has not stopped receiving all kinds of compliments since he released the embargo on criticism from the company, which highlights the action that Dan Trachtenberg gave to this Predator prequel.

The tape is located 300 years before the tape arnold schwarzeneggerwith Naru as the protagonist, a young woman from the Comanche tribe interested in becoming an expert hunter like his brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) and the men of his own community. To achieve this, Naru needs to carry the head of the first species of him that represents danger to all of his own. Her misfortune, because her fate made it difficult for her, leads her to face off in the Great Plains with a Yaujta, a predator that hunts for sport throughout the galaxy.

The Hollywood Reporter Y IGN highlight that the film that will be available in Star Plusis full of action, perfectly believable choreography, quite agile and novel movements for an action moviewithout forgetting the high level of violence that has been imposed since its debut in 1987, when Predator showed us that a trophy that proves having defeated its strongest contenders is the removal of the spine with everything and the skull.

“This is a lean action thriller. Predator: The Prey takes Predator back to its ultraviolent roots and proves a worthy entry into the franchise’s mythology“, highlighted Screen Rant, specializing in science fiction films, superheroes and all kinds of fantasies. Nerds like us. And yes, in the timeline of the five previously released films, this is the first of all, which promises to take the history to current lands, in sequels, of course.

Star Plus

They highlight the violence in ‘Predator: The Prey’.

The sites less stuck in the lightness of pop culture and fiction, Variety and IndieWire, highlight the performance of Midthunder, a native descendant who allows the respect of her ancestors. “How does an indigenous tribe face an alien armed with the highest technology? This is the prequel that explains how in a good way“, highlighted the last mentioned medium.

The only bad review is the forced inclusion of gender by questioning the position of women within a male environment, where women only belong to village work and not hunting, as does Naru’s brother, Tabee. Predator: The prey will be launched already from this Friday in the catalog of Star Plus and it will be the perfect weekend plan if they are one of those who hated predatorsby Adrien Brody.

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