Peru’s PM resigns amid investigations against Castillo

(CNN) — Peru’s prime minister, Aníbal Torres Vásquez, resigned abruptly, becoming the fourth prime minister to leave office in the past year.

Torres announced his resignation in a letter to President Pedro Castillo on Wednesday, attributing his decision to “personal reasons” and wishing his “friend” Castillo success.

“I am retiring from office after having served, together with you, our country, especially the most neglected and forgotten people,” says Torres’ letter, which posted on Twitter.

Under Peruvian law, Castillo must accept or reject his resignation.

President Pedro Castillo (left) and Aníbal Torres (right) in February.

Torres, whose mandate lasted almost 6 months, announced his resignation almost a week after President Castillo completed a year in power.

He accepted the post in February, after former Prime Minister Héctor Valer resigned amid accusations of domestic violence against him.

Valer, who had been in office for just four days, denied the accusations.

Torres’ resignation now comes as Castillo himself is under pressure from the opposition to step down. Castillo is currently the subject of five investigations, four of them for alleged corruption.

During a speech before Congress celebrating Peru’s National Day on July 28, Castillo admitted he had made mistakes and said he was willing to cooperate with any investigation.

“I appear before the justice in order to clarify the charges against me, with respect to due process and not media justice,” Castillo said.

Under Peru’s constitution, a sitting president can only be indicted on four counts: treason; prevent presidential, regional or local elections; dissolve Congress; or block the work of the National Elections Jury or other electoral bodies.

From Daniela Gonzalez-Roman in New York City, Claudia Rebaza in London and José Armijo in Mexico City. Previous report by Jimena de la Quintana from CNNE in Lima

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