Paul Stanley explodes against Facundo and confronts him in the middle of the program; this was the fight | VIDEO

What a moment of tension was experienced in the recent broadcast of the program Which one is good? after the driver Facundo had a strong confrontation with the presenter of Today Paul Stanleywho did not hold back anything to face his colleague.

It was a few weeks ago when Televisa dealt a resounding blow to the competition by announcing the premiere of the reality show hosted by Facundowhich has been well accepted by the public and the high audience levels prove it.

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Paul Stanley fights against Facundo

In the transmission of last Wednesday, August 3, which is the good one? had as guests the famous host of the Hoy program, Paul Stanleyto the journalist, Danielle Dithurbideand the actor, Ricardo Fastlicht. All of them tried to uncover impostors who pretend to have certain skills or hold a job.

In one of the sections, the celebrities had to find out which couple actually practiced the “quebradita” dance. After intensive investigation, Facundo He invited Paul Stanley to demonstrate their skills for that musical genre.

Fearing nothing, Paul Stanley’s son went on stage to perform some risky movements with Facundo, but things did not end well after they got into a strong fight that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

It turns out that, true to his style, Facundo joked about the weight of Hoy’s driver, assuring that the “loaded” left him quite badly. Given this, Paul Stanley expressed his discontent and launched a strong claim.

“How much do you weigh, Paul?” asked Facundo.

Given this, the driver of Hoy expressed his annoyance by telling him that this is the least of it. As a joke, he pretended to confront the driver of What is the good?, who returned to Televisa after his brief stint in the competition.

“Well, whatever it weighs, what’s your problem?” Paul Stanley replies jokingly.

You can watch the video from minute 7:00.


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