Niurka and the unusual audios in which he revealed that his main rival is at home

Niurka Marcos at a press conference.  (Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Niurka Marcos at a press conference. (Jaime Nogales/Media and Media/Getty Images)

Niurka, always Niurka. His name attracts attention at all times. There is no step of his that does not deserve to be watched by his fans and by the media. She herself has been in charge of forging a character immune to the public eye: she knows she is famous and takes advantage of that gift like very few people in the world of entertainment. But there are always imponderables. Even for her, who gives the appearance of having everything under control at any time, there are situations that are beyond her own will.

The Cuban actress is once again in the eye of the hurricane. On this occasion, the controversy directly involves his three children. In some leaked audios, which were broadcast on the Gossip No Like program, Niurka Marcos harshly criticized her offspring. The frontality of her comments has caused a stir. “Parasites and maintained” were a couple of adjectives that Marcos used to refer to the triad of her descendants: Kiko, Romina and Emilio.

According to Niurka’s version, everything stems from the fact that her children have not wanted to support her with household expenses, which has led to conflicts and discussions. “One day we were talking. This year I had a job just to earn for my needs and I couldn’t afford more, but certainly that’s where the rebellion came in: when I started telling the three of them: ‘Now we have to contribute to the house, now they are working.’ Emilio, who is the youngest, who is the one who earns the most of the three, (I told him) ‘what are you going to pay?’ and he tells me: ‘well, I do supermarkets and pay for gas’ ‘Romina, you pay for the Izzi and Kiko, what are you going to pay for?’ He never told me. That’s what happened this year, freeing me from all that burden of maintaining, literally, even if it hurts assholes, parasites“. In the program it was not mentioned what date these audios are from. It is known, yes, that since 2020 Romina no longer lives with her mother.

Marcos also made it clear that to a certain extent his excess of gifts to his children was the triggering factor, since since he moderated the money he gave them he has had problems with them. “I stopped consenting and I could say, selfishly, to buy, because one does not realize it, but as long as everyone is happy, it is ‘take and go shopping’. I made the right decisions to name my son, Kiko, the eldest, when he finished university, who did not take any of the careers that they were offering him at the Ibero, which guarantees you a job, so I helped him for two years, “said the also dancer.

Regarding Kiko, Niurka released that he put two pharmacies in him and that in no case was there the necessary patience for the enterprise to prosper. In addition, she received support from a brother of Niurka, who according to her was not taken advantage of either.

“I put two pharmacies, two, one for I don’t know where he found a place in a square, a whole year passed, and he didn’t like it because he said it didn’t work out, I told him to wait that the businesses have to have their target My brother Tomás got him a place here in the town, in the very town where the race was, where a lot of people pass by, he was paid for a place there and it is a luxury because it is a crowd, well, he closed the pharmacy and went to Europe and all that money went down the drain.

So far, Niurka has not expressed about it. Neither have any of her children. In recent days, Marcos had had a strong exchange of words with Cynthia Klitbo, in a chapter of a very famous media rivalry. Also in his recent participation in La Casa de los Famosos he maintained an intense rivalry with Laura Bozzo.


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