Morena profiles Delfina Gómez as a candidate for Edomex in 2023

Mexico City /

The Secretary of Public Education (SEP), Delfina Gomez Alvarez, swept the second survey that Morena did to define the candidacy for 2023 in the state of Mexico.

The results will be announced tomorrow by the national leadership of Morena, although the candidates are already aware of the triumph of the federal official, who will have to leave office in the coming days, upon being appointed coordinator of the defense committees of the fourth transformation.

According to information collected by MILLENNIUM, Delfina Gómez prevailed over Senator Higinio Martínez in the preferences of the citizens who were interviewed by telephone. Behind them were Luis Fernando Vilchis, licensed mayor of Ecatepec, and Horacio Duarte, general administrator of Customs.

According to data from the second survey, Morena has an advantage over the other parties ahead of the 2023 election in the state of Mexico, where the largest electoral roll in the country is concentrated. In addition, presidential approval exceeds that of the local government in the hands of the PRI.

This Thursday, the candidates and their representatives are summoned to a meeting with the Morena elections commission and, later, there will be a conference in which the announcement will be made.


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