Michelle, the girl from Chiapas with an IQ higher than Zuckerberg’s and almost Hawking’s

Michelle Arellano is a Chiapas girl who in a few more weeks will be 10 years old and already speaks four languages: English, French, German and Italian. When she was just a year and a half old, she learned the language of Shakespeare and is about to enter university to study Medicine, a profession that her parents, Karina and José, are dedicated to.

The minor has a intelligence quotient of 158, six more than mark zuckerbergthe founder of Meta, who has an IQ of 152, and two less than the late British scientist Stephen Hawking. Michelle speaks fluently and naturally about her plans for her future, as she sees herself in the coming years working in a hospital and collaborating in a research project to find a cure for cancer and autism.

“I have a relative who has autism and cannot be expressed. That makes me sad. I would like to create a program to make it easier to understand people like him, who have the same problem”, she expresses.

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The little girl, who lives in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, is aware that in Mexico it is estimated that there are more than a million children with high capacities. However, there are few public schools for minors that have these characteristics.

“More schools are needed and teachers need to be trained so they can understand and teach gifted children. Many of these children are lost because they go unnoticed when they are diagnosed with attention deficit or Asperger’s.

Like girls her age, she likes to play with her dolls, with video games and has fun with origami and drawing, although she also likes to spend part of her time reading.

“My favorite books are The bread of war, My life as a story and Extreme animals. In fact, the first book I read was when I was four years old and it was My life as a story”, comments the minor.

She is also a black belt in taekwondo and intends to study Korean and Marine Biology along with studying Medicine, because, as she tells THE UNIVERSALis passionate about marine life.

“I like to practice sports like swimming, basketball. In swimming I already have eight trophies and 890 medals”, she says.

At this point, Michelle has three offers to study Medicine. In the University of Massachusetts, in United States; at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and at the Autonomous University of Chiapas.

He says that during his time in the classrooms he was not the object of bullying by his classmates, but by his teachers.

“My colleagues did not harass me, instead those who did a little bullying They were my teachers. They told me that I was not intelligent and, for example, if one of my tasks lacked a punctuation mark, they gave me a grade of five”, says the little girl.

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What did you feel when your teachers had that kind of attitude towards you?

—It made me angry, because I’m like any other girl, just with different capacities. When I was in elementary school, the teacher explained anything and I understood everything. Some did not understand and the teacher explained it again, and that bored me. For that, she made me paint and draw and they scolded me”.

What would you say to children and young people who no longer want to study?

—That they need to study so that our country prospers and there are better opportunities for everyone to progress. And to the children who are like me, who do not feel different, because we are the same as others, nothing more than with different capacities.

Karina, the little girl’s mother, assures that she had to study a master’s degree on giftedness in order to understand and help Michelle.

“Here in the state we don’t have any schools for gifted children. There is still much unknown about this diagnosis. And when they gave it to me, I took on the task of looking for institutions and organizations that could guide us to support it. We are interested in our daughter advancing at her own pace, without running over her childhood. Michelle is a girl who does things that are appropriate for her age,” she comments.

He adds that they are still evaluating the university that Michelle will attend and acknowledges that “there is not much time. We are looking at the offers that have come to us and we will choose the best option, because if we go abroad we have to do everything,” she asserts.

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