Michelle Medicine at the University of Massachusetts

On August 29, Michelle will begin her classes at the University of Massachusetts, to later specialize in heart surgery.

When Michelle was 10 months old, she spoke Spanish clearly.; At a year and a half, he already knew English; at age 2, he wrote his first words; at four, he was already writing full paragraphs; at nine he finished high school, and in less than a month will be a medical student in the United States.

The original of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, He is 9 years old and has an IQ of 158, just two points lower than that of Albert Einstein.

For this reason, on August 29 they will begin their classes at the University of Massachusetts, he told REFORMA, to later specialize in heart surgery.

“I feel very excited and happy to learn new things and collaborate in research, I see myself collaborating to cure cancer and finding a system or method to understand people with autism,” she said.

Her taste for medicine arose after spending a good part of her life among doctors, her parents are surgeons and since she was a child she entered the operating room, read the books they had and was interested in documentaries, her mother narrated.

“Currently, we have been together for a long time, sometimes I take her to my office and she helps me by doing ultrasounds or assessing a patient, we talk about hospitalized people or those who go to consult.”

“I have a first-rate colleague with me, she gives me her points of view based on what we have read, I explain and give her readings so that she understands the topics, but she still needs to specialize.”

genius girl

The genius girl said that what she likes most about being with her mother in consultations is being able to help people heal their pain or illness.

The most impressive thing he has seen in his life, he told Michelleis the placement of a pacemaker.

In addition to being a doctor, she wants to be a marine biologist to try to rescue endangered species and an actress, because of her young age she is sure she will be able to do that and more.

his other talents

Her smile reveals that she recently changed her milk teeth, but in her history she has also accumulated medals as a state swimming champion, is a black belt in Taekwondo and is preparing for an international math Olympiad.

Discover the talent of Michelle It was not easy for her parents, who were told that the girl had Asperger’s syndrome.

However, they exhausted all options until they found out: their daughter was a genius.

“When they did some tests at the age of 7, they told me that her emotional age was 16 years and six months, and that she should be treated as an adult and not as a child,” said her mother, Karina Guillén.

“They also told me, ‘it’s normal for her to want to play with dolls or run from one place to another, because she’s still a girl’, it’s something they can do, when they want they can be big or they can be small.”

‘Mich’, as they usually call her, is a lover of Alfredo pasta, she really enjoys playing Nintendo Switch, but she confessed that her favorite activities are swimming and math.

“There are 70 questions that I have to solve in four minutes, the topic will be addition and subtraction, combined and I have to do them mentally, I am very excited, there are many children because they are from all countries and from all over the world,” she said about the competition what is coming right now.

One day after starting his medical classes, which will be online for two years and then face-to-face, Michelle turns 10 years old.

Helen Keller

He said he hopes to receive a “scientific Barbie” as a gift, as he wants to add it to his collection of “action” dolls that began with the figure of Hellen Keller.

“Do you know who Helen Keller is? It was a girl who was blind and deaf, they looked for a teacher because she was very spoiled, (laughs) and the teacher taught her to read and write, and Helen was a great woman.”

“My birthday is near and I am very excited for my party,” says the youngest, who has friends ranging from 4 to 17 years old, in a cheerful tone.

The mother of Michelle She also says that she is proud of her daughter’s nobility, saying that at Christmas she asks her to buy balls for the street children, and, she narrated, that if someone requires her help, whether it is a child or an older adult, she listen and attend to them.

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