Mexico was already on fire; they will not shut us up, turns catholic hierarchy to evangelicals

For some time now, the country has been on fire with violence, with all the uncontrolled criminality, due to the lack of adherence to the law and impunity, which is one of the problems we have had for years, but which has worsened in the current government, says Mario Ángel Flores Ramos, former rector of the Pontifical University of Mexico and current director of the National Observatory of the Mexican Episcopate Conference (CEM).

“So no one is starting a fire, what the Church is doing is trying to bring this situation under control, because when a forest catches fire and the only thing we do is watch it, because the fire continues and grows with greater force “, He says.

This Wednesday, EL UNIVERSAL published that the president of the National Confraternity of Christian and Evangelical Churches, Arturo Farela, accused the Catholic hierarchy “of trying to set the country on fire” with speeches condemning violence. In an interview with this newspaper, he supported the government’s strategy of hugs, not bullets.

For this reason, Flores Ramos assures that the initiative that the Catholic Church has taken is to raise the awareness of Mexicans about the responsibility that we all have to collaborate in the pacification of the country.

“We are also calling for the responsibility of the authorities to review their strategies and to assume their commitment. So far, there has been no response, there has been no empathy. On the contrary, there has been rejection and everyone can see it.

“The Church, after that rejection, which even included insults, did not respond in an inappropriate or violent manner. On the contrary, the Church has called for prayer, for commitment, for peace. We are not calling for a fire, but for an awareness of the citizens and a responsibility of the rulers”, she says.

What is your opinion regarding the fact that some religious associations openly show their support for this government?

—In the first place, we must be very clear that a government has to work for the whole country. And one of the remarks that we make today is that this government works with its own and for its own. 80% of Mexicans are outside their horizon. Work naturally trying to see the solution of many problems, but without taking into account social, religious and business organizations.

In the priest’s opinion, the federal Executive has favored a religious organization “which is small but has a lot of political influence. There is no political interest in the majority of religious associations, there is an interest of one’s own”.

He also regrets that there is minimal dialogue with representatives of the Catholic Church.

“There has been minimal, I don’t want to say that at any time. Of course there have been meetings, dialogue, but it has been minimal. Instead, we all realize how much space this administration gives to a small group,” he comments.

What can you say about the fact that the Catholic hierarchy is an ally of parties like the PRI and the PAN and therefore attacks this government?

—The opinions that the Church has made are not attacks, they are criticisms that are valid. And we are only exercising a right enshrined in the Constitution. We are not interfering in political issues, because they do not interest us, but as part of Mexican society we are legitimately expressing our points of view. So it is not about attacking anyone, but about being co-responsible with the path of society.

We are willing to collaborate, to open spaces for dialogue. What we are missing in the midst of all this is precisely that, dialogue. We are being governed with an endless monologue. Every day we listen to a monologue. Where is the dialogue? That is precisely what we are asking for.

What do you think about what the president of Cofraternice, Arturo Farela, says that each conference of the President leaves us a spiritual teaching?

– It is not the role of a government to assume a religious preaching, but to comply with its constitutional requirements.

I think that Mr. Farela should speak in a broader sense because it is our task as a Church every day not only to teach, but to live this. That a ruler says it but does not live it is of no use to us. Love of neighbor is the principle of the Gospel and of the word of God, and it is what we teach every day.

A government that attacks, that divides, where does love of neighbor leave? Where is the? What is the use of greeting only those who greet you? What is the use of loving only those who love you? What is the use of helping only those who help you? Says the gospel. No problem. We are all neighbors, there is no selective vision, as is being done.

Father Omar Sotelo said that the Catholic Church does not need to ally with any political party or coba the President.

“The Church will not remain silent”

After the statements made to EL UNIVERSAL by the president of the National Confraternity of Christian and Evangelical Churches, Arturo Farela, the director of the Multimedia Catholic Center (CCM), Father Omar Sotelo, stressed that not because the Catholic Church speaks of peace It will remain silent in the face of the injustices that the country is experiencing.

“The fact that the Catholic Church speaks of peace does not mean that it does not speak of injustices. It does not mean that the Church is going to remain silent. The Church announces the Gospel, but she also denounces those injustices that go against the Gospel. A church that does not denounce is a church that is good for nothing,” she emphasized.

In an interview for El Gran Diario de México, Father Sotelo reiterated that the Catholic Church does not need to be allied with a political party or coba any president or be under any authority to make the Gospel a reality.

“We don’t need to look good with anyone, not even with the President. If there are actions in this and another government that go against the teachings of the Gospel, the Church is here to denounce it, ”he asserted.

He said that Mexico needs very concrete actions. It is not only necessary to speak, since many words, he highlighted, are said in a very ephemeral way or even commercially in a certain context.

“The Gospel is not an ephemeral word. The Catholic Church has always resolved their sayings and deeds.

“The phrase of hugs, not bullets has been said in a context that unfortunately has become politicized and, excuse me the President, but these phrases have been politicized and used at the service of his strategies, but he has to recognize that the strategies are exposed to corrections. Not because he says them cannot be corrected, ”he emphasized.

Father Sotelo emphasized that it would be very wise to accept that the strategy is not working and that it is necessary to correct it, since in the country there are more than 100,000 disappeared and more than 300,000 dead, including journalists, priests, men and women throughout the country. the Republic.

He stressed that we are at a time when polarizations are not those that are going to lead us to a lasting peace, since we are experiencing a very complex situation and it is not opportune to continue disqualifying the contrary.

“Today we need to face this problem as a society, because there are more good Mexicans than bad. Mexico is a great country that does not deserve to experience what is happening. Today more than ever in the different instances of government, starting with the President to the last official or citizen, as well as bishops, cardinals, priests and religious, we have to put our hands together to build just societies for ourselves and our children”, he concluded. .

*With information from Juan Carlos Cortés

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