Mexican American football team without return tickets. Are they stranded?

The Mexican American football team Now he faces another problem, because if they took a long time to leave the country for the world Cup in Finland, they could live the same for their return.

Mexico competes this Sunday against its similar from Germany, they go for fifth place in the tournament this Sunday, but apparently the Mexican teams will not return immediately.

“Today, August 3, I sat down to talk with the players and none has a flight”, reported Mel Trillo, a reporter for Las Perrilleras.

This situation worries the Mexican Embassy in Finland because they do not know where they could keep them, taking into account that their embassy is not large.

“The embassy here is literally a department in which only five people work, the ambassador and the people who work with him say, Where do we put 50 people?” Trillo explained.

The Mexican American football team suffered to be able to participate in the World Cup since the Federation
Mexicana did not provide them with help, on the contrary, it made their trips more difficult each time.

Mexico’s national squad has until August 8 to fly back to Mexico.

“The International Federation gives them a hotel until Monday, August 8, and if they are not here on Monday, where are the players going to stay?” added Trillo.

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