‘It’s a campaign for Trump’ – El Financiero

Marcelo Ebrard, Foreign Secretary, responded to Jared Kushner and ruled out that the administration of donald trump pressured him to get Mexico to reduce migratory flows To united states.

The official said it is a Donald Trump campaign heading to the elections 2024 in United States.

”We reached a consensus in the Senate of the Republic with all the parties, I was there, and we told them: we are not going to admit that. Then everything else is campaign,” said the foreign minister after attending the presentation of the book The table of elements in the Mining Palace.

This, after Trump’s son-in-law’s book suggested that Mexico has yielded to pressure from the White House regarding immigration issues.

In Kushner’s book Breaking History: Memoirs from the White Houseit is reported that one time Trump made the announcement of the imposition of duty On his Twitter account, the Mexican foreign minister asked for an urgent meeting to discuss the issue.

Immediately, Trump’s son-in-law contacted him and told him that his deception had worked and that Mexico was folding its hands. To which the tycoon replied that it was not a lie and that he would continue with the issue of tariffs if the border problem was not resolved.

It should be remembered that Kushner was a senior adviser to Trump when he was president of the United States.

Ebrard has a working tour of countries in South America. This afternoon she was in Lima, Peru and is going to La Paz, Bolivia and Colombia, as reported on his Twitter account.

Marcelo Ebrard reveals Mexico’s preparations for Qatar 2022

The Foreign Minister of MexicoMarcelo Ebrard, revealed that he has in his possession the invitation to the next world cup Qatar 2022 – which will take place between November 21 to December 18– where El Tri will fight for group C along with rivals such as Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia, which belongs to the president of Morena, Lopez Obrador.

“I received the invitation to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the 2022 World Cup from the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Mohamed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani. I appreciated the relevant visit and the respect shown to the people of Mexico”, he wrote through his social networks.

Ebrard on preparations for Qatar 2022

Through a video, where he claimed to be testing a new microphone at the suggestion of Ricardo García López, Marcelo Ebrard took the eastern part of Mexico City, the National Palace and the Latin American Tower while telling his followers about his meeting.

We review the preparations for the World Cup that is still far away, months away, but it is close in preparations”, he confided. Although he did not reveal many details, he stated that as soon as everything progresses, he will make it known. “Today we review with the foreign minister everything that is going to be needed, we are going to have a command post in Qatar,” he added.

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