It is uncomfortable to see how in the new Brad Pitt movie they try to force laughter

Three years after performing for the last time in once upon a time in hollywoodnot counting his cameo in The lost City with Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt makes his triumphant return to the big screen with Bullet Train, adaptation of the novel of the same title by Kotaro Isaka that stands as an adrenaline thriller full of action, violence and strong emotions. The film, which arrives in theaters this Friday, August 5, thus moves away from the academic and dramatic aspect in which the actor has traveled in recent years to lend himself to pure enjoyment. However, this fun is also given by a strong commitment to humor that does not hit enough to fit into this crazy and entertaining story of hitmen.

Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson in 'Bullet Train' (Scott Garfield; courtesy of Sony Pictures)

Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson in ‘Bullet Train’ (Scott Garfield; courtesy of Sony Pictures)

Bullet Train tells how several assassins, each with different purposes, meet each other on a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka. But little by little they will realize that their missions do not differ so much from each other, giving rise to a game of clashes, unexpected collaborations, action everywhere and many surprising twists. That is to say, a typical adult thriller characterized by the madness and intensity of its sequences. For this reason, when in the middle they begin to introduce intense touches of humor, the film began to screech me a lot.

I felt that most of the gags did not fit, that I wanted to be funny in excess and that I resorted to a comedy that was too childish and silly that was far from what one expects when going to see a violent and intense thriller for the adult audience. Precisely, it reminded me of the humor of the last film by Thours, where director Taika Waititi took his desire to dislodge and surprise the viewer with comedy to the extreme, to the point of getting out of hand and causing the opposite effect. Or at least that was my feeling seeing it recently in the cinema. And with Bullet Train exactly the same thing happened to me, all the comic moments were very funny to me.

As your proposal requires, there is a lot of black humor and situations where it fits perfectly with the bloody and unbridled action, but I feel that there has been an attempt to “marvelize” this story and bring it closer to the tone of these superhero movies that generate so much rage at the box office. There is nothing more to see than the director after Bullet Train it is David Leitchwho was in charge of the second installment of dead pool. And if we remember, although this film has nothing to do with the Disney superhero saga, it was another strong commitment to action and comedy, although taken to the adult field. Y Bullet Train It has a practically similar approach, only that while Deadpool lent himself fully to past jokes, here we are talking about a thriller with very different ingredients.

I do not know the novel on which the film is based and I do not know if its humor is built on this same approach, but I feel that the comedy should have been approached from a more mature and black point of view and not from the silly touch that is seen on screen. For example, at the end of the film, after a bottle of water has passed through the hands of many of the protagonists and has been essential at certain moments of the plot, we are given a joke presentation about the history of this object, presenting it as one more character. It’s supposed to be a funny situation, but the only thing it produced for me is the total indifference and discomfort of seeing how they tried to force a laugh at something so silly. And so it happened to me with most of its comic points.

I’m not saying Bullet Train is a bad movie.. In fact, I had a blast with it thanks to its frenzy, twists and bloody battles, not to mention its all-star cast led by Pitt and packed with high-status personalities Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Logan Lerman, singer Bad Bunny and even a lot of funny cameos, like the already revealed Sandra Bullock. But I do think she could have looked a lot better if I hadn’t gone for such a grueling, routine approach to her comedy.

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