In Brazil, a dog that “looked after” drug traffickers surrenders along with its owners; video- One TV

The dog fell to the ground and did not get up. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Illustrative

Police of Sao Paulo, Brazilmade an operation where he managed to seize more than a ton of marijuana packed in the form of a brick, but the curious thing about this case was that a dog, used to guard the home, also surrendered along with his “accomplices”, because he threw himself on the ground, just like his owners, the alleged drug traffickers.

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Video: they arrest alleged drug traffickers and their puppy “surrenders with them”

Brazilian media broadcast the video where the Police carried out the operation at a home in Hortolandia, where the drug was seized. In the images observed three subjects on the groundapparently in a room, with his hands handcuffed and at his side a rottweiler breed dogwith its characteristic black and brown color.

In that sense, Brazilian authorities transferred the detainees to the headquarters of the Narcotics Police and the dog stayed at the home seized by the uniformed men.

  • Apparently the puppy was used to guard the house where the drug was hidden; however, on this occasion, he did not perform his work with great precision and decided to surrender along with his accomplices.

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