In bikinazo Valery Altamar is presumed face down and thrills

During the last weeks, the one who has not stopped making a big fuss on social networks is without a doubt Valery Altamarthe young woman who started in the digital world when she was only 16 years old and now fascinates with spectacular content, so once again unleashed sighs in pure thread.

The beautiful model originally from Cali, Colombia, began to hog the spotlight and immediately rose to fame thanks to her onlyfanswhere he creates content that he does not share on other social networks and is exclusive to his subscribers, however, this time he gave a little taste of what they can find and was fascinated.

In pure thread, Valery Altamar is presumed face down and takes over the looks. Photo: Instagram

Currently, Valery Altamar has more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram and has positioned herself as one of the favorites at just 22 years of age, for which she caused a stir when she was seen in a pure thread where it is presumed face down and takes over the looks like an expert.

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With good reason, intense reactions began to arrive, exceeding 168,000 ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, in addition to comments where network users let him know that he has one of the most fascinating anatomies, worthy of a magazine cover.

In pure thread, Valery Altamar is presumed face down and takes over the looks. Photo: Instagram

So the young woman carefully wore that pink swimsuit with some little ruffles by the pool at night, so she modeled in front of the camera lens in a daring face-down pose wasting its entire beauty.

If something characterizes the influencer, it is that she is not afraid of what they will say, on the contrary, she is more than ready to continue causing a furor in networks and take over the eyes in seconds.

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If you don’t want to miss any of Valery Altamar’s content and the projects in which he is involved, we suggest you follow all the social networks of the famous colombian model. At the end of the note you will find a tag that will take you to the La Sirena section where you can see all the information on the influencers who have stood out the most in recent months.


In pure thread, Valery Altamar is presumed face down and takes over the looks. Photo: Instagram

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