H&M has a son and his name is H&M Move

  • The sportswear market is so in demand that even Nike is the most valuable brand in apparel, according to Brand Finance.

  • Research Dive has figures on how much money is in the sports apparel industry.

  • Ipsos conducted a study identifying what motivates a consumer to take up habits based on physical activity.

H&M gave birth to a new brand and with it confirms how important physical activity has become in the apparel consumer. This is named H&M Move.

the industry of clothing consolidated sales in Mexico, at least in expectation, of 17 billion dollarsaccording to one projection of Statistical for this one 2022.

Within clothingbrands like Zara compete with Vuitton Y Gucci in brand value, based on a projection of Brand Finance.

Research Dive Project that for this 2022 the income in the world market of sports clothing could be from 201 billion dollars. Between those figures, H&M has a son and the brand is named H&M Movewith which this iconic firm rejuvenates its clothing sales strategy aimed at consumers who engage in physical activity.

The movement is not wasted and there are two insights with which we can start, to measure the impact it has. First, Nike It is the most valuable apparel brand in the world, thanks to its sportswear sales formula. Second, there is an upward projection in revenue from the sale of sportswear.

Physical activity motivates sales

The consumer moves and this determines their purchase decisions, such as sportswear that accompanies them in this experience. Ipsos drove a study world where he identified five powerful reasons why the consumer performs physical activity; we qualify them as powerful, because in each of these, more than 80 percent matched his practice.

The 96 percent he said he did it to be in good physical condition; the 86 percent to change your physical appearance; for the concept of pleasure voted a 87 percent; a 95 percent said he exercised to de-stress, while the 82 percent of those surveyed agreed that they did it to relax or spend free time. The 81 percent He argued that he was doing it to pass the time.

These habits are increasing and we see it with the strength that brands like Nike have consolidated in clothingwhere sum 33 thousand 176 million dollarsmaking it clear that the path of sports in the sale of clothing is not wasted and has great sales potential.

H&M and its sporty son

H&M had not reinforced a sportswear sales strategy since 2016, when he surprised with the personality of the moment, Caitlyn Jennerin an advertising campaign where he recalled his Olympic victory and with which this famous brand of fast fashion consolidated its segment sport.

The bet at that time was not wasted and immediately became a case study, to understand how brands in this segment timidly entered the domain of firms such as Nike, Adidas either Cougar.

Since this first attempt, now simon brownCEO of H&M Move explains that the concept of the brand is “to break down the barriers of sport (…) starting by democratizing sportswear by giving more importance to ‘movewear‘ before him ‘sportswear‘”.

The logic behind this argument is that Brown recognizes that there is a stereotype in the category of sportswearwhere certain physical conditions have to be met that break with the reality of the consumer and there is a long distance between the advertising that is activated and the consumer to whom these messages are directed.

This strategy contrasts with the one that Zara implemented with the concept of “Zara Athleticz”, where attention was focused at all times when the brand entered the sports market apparel.

Physical activity is the great insight currently on the market clothingespecially when we come from a health contingency, which prioritized comfortable clothing in consumer purchasing decisions.

Now comes a new concept that H&M acula as “movewear”, which breaks sharply with the stereotype of muscles, sweat and excessive physical activity as the norm in order to be a worthy wearer of a sportswear brand.

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