He became a man: After divorces and years removed from Televisa, former TV Azteca actress joins ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A beloved actress and host, who had a great acting challenge more than 20 years ago become a man in a soap opera Televisajoins that Thursday, August 4, at today program. Is about michelle viethwho spent some time working at Aztec TV and retired for years from the San Angel melodramas. The actress debuted in the company in 1995 when she participated in Acapulco, body and soulobtaining his first leading role in 1997 in my little naughtywhere he gave life to a man.

As you may remember, Michelle played ‘Julia Gonzalez‘ Already ‘Julio Gonzalez‘ in the melodrama produced by Peter Damian. It was also in that iconic project that she met who would be her first husband, the actor Hector Soberonhowever, the unexpected romance ended in divorce and in a strong scandal when leaking years later a intimate video of the 42-year-old Mexican. Vieth pointed to Soberón as the alleged perpetrator, although he has denied this on several occasions.

Michelle Vieth in ‘My little naughty’

Michelle then gave love a chance again and married the father of two of her four children for the second time, only to later divorce again. Later, she remarried a bullfighter with whom she had two children and just a few months ago she separated permanently. In the midst of her breakups, the actress has been associated with celebrities such as ‘Colt’ Knight of Acapulco Shore and even with the driver Yolanda Andradedespite the fact that Vieth’s sexual orientation had never been speculated on.

Michelle Vieth has an outstanding career

In 2012, Michelle decided to switch to TV Azteca after her exclusivity contract with Televisa was not renewed. After those 13 years, during which she participated in novels such as Dreamers, Friends and Rivals, Deceived Women, Class 406 Y World of beastsVieth participated in The other face of the soul and also in Ajusco reality shows like The islandnevertheless, retired for 8 years from acting when you finish that project.

The actress began to focus more on driving and after being fired in the middle of the program’s pandemic Your House TVjoined the first season of The Stars Dance Today in the morning today and this 2021 returned to melodramas in my fortune is to love you. And although he affirms that he has no plans to return to soap operas because he is happy driving (he is always Tell me now!), now visit the forum of the today program Well, she will be a judge in ‘Today’s Quinceañeras‘ on this Thursday’s show.

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