Goodbye ‘VLA’: After romance with her boss and lawsuit in ‘Hoy’, host ‘resigns’ and returns to Televisa

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Mexico City.- A controversial former member of the today programwho spent years in Televisa where he had an alleged Romance with his then bossI would seek to return to the San Angel TV after changing to Aztec TV in 2018 and currently being part of the cast of come the joy. Is about Laura G.who began his artistic career in Monterey, Nuevo Leonhowever, in 2008 the San Angel TV opened its doors for her and made her debut as a reporter for the morning todaywhere he had differences with the drivers Andrea Legarreta Y Galilea Montijo.

The Monterrey native also hosted the morning news shows on Televisa, First News in 2009, time in which she starred in a strong scandal by being romantically involved with her boss in the broadcast Carlos Loret de Mola, with whom he would have had an alleged affair when he was married. Both were caught by TVNotes in 2011 entering a cabin together on the outskirts of CDMX, which caused them to nickname the scandal as ‘The Cabañazo‘.

Laura G and Loret de Mola

After the controversy and its dismissal of the program after differences with the host Mara Guzmán, the presenter came to TV Azteca in 2018 after 8 years on Televisa and having participated in programs such as Top 10 Y Saturday. In Ajusco he first joined a whole show and then in the morning come the joyfrom where the YouTube channel chacaleo reveals that he would allegedly be about to leave after the executive sandra smester resigned a few days ago to go to Telemundo.

The host felt safe on Venga la Alegría on TV Azteca, however, after the resignation of the director of Content, Sandra Smester, who was her protector on that television station, the Monterrey native is already looking for and begging for her return to Televisa,” she reported. Jackal.

The YouTube channel also reported that the driver’s future would be uncertain because “he has had conflicts with the producer Sergio Sepulveda“, in addition to the fact that “he has never had good contact with viewers”. chacaleo mentioned that her past would presumably be one of the reasons why a large part of the public has not supported her, since she has starred in several controversies during her years on television, such as the ‘Cabañazo’ with Loret de Mola and the alleged bullying a gummy bear in Saturday.

“She insists on returning to Televisa and knows that her days are numbered on TV Azteca. She feels that these are her last days in Ajusco and she has already gone to the producer’s offices Alexis Nunezbut even he told him that he cannot support him, so he searches among his contacts for the lever to return to the television station,” he reported. chacaleo. In addition, they reported that in the 4 years that she has been in the competition, Laura allegedly would not have been able to consolidate because “her history of conflict haunts her.”

Laura G in ‘Sabadazo’

Chacaleo also maintained that presumably neither the Cuban producer nor his friend and former partner in Saturday, Cecilia Galliano, they could have helped her get a job. Finally, the channel reported that the alleged “bad fame” that the Mexican would have for her scandalous past would continue to persecute her and as long as there is not complete acceptance by the public, it would complicate her return to Televisa and also put her stay at Televisión Azteca at risk. It is worth mentioning that this information has not been confirmed by the driver or the company, so until now it remains as speculation.

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