Goodbye timeshare: who will own Club León?

There have been many years where there has been speculation about the end of timeshare in Mexican soccer, a practice that maintains Liga MX as one of the few competitions that allows it and where up to now there is no official position on the part of the Federation.

However, the waters began to shake firmly a few months ago, because according to a report by André Marin, the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, would have made a trip to Mexico to give news to the owners of Mexican soccer. : timeshare would come to an end in 2026.

This news would have left them “frozen”, revealed the Fox Sports journalist and the decision caused a special stir in Grupo Pachuca (Tuzos and León), Grupo Orlegi (Atlas and Santos) and Grupo Caliente (Xolos and Querétaro), who accumulate among them a third of the Liga MX teams.

After said leak, the owner of Grupo Pachuca broke the silence and finally spoke on the subject, anticipating what will be the decision that this business group will make in four years.

“We know that timeshare has to end before 2026, but ours is different. In a short time everything will become very clear through a notary … My son stays with the León because he has been living there for 13 years and will invest his assets, he will be the owner and we will be the owner of the Pachuca, two different things, “he revealed in an interview for Excelsior.

In this way, Grupo Pachuca will “solve” a crossroads that seemed to find no solution and that will allow it to comply with FIFA regulations without moving so many pieces from its board.

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