Goodbye ‘Hoy’: After lawsuit with Legarreta and veto of Televisa, controversial heartthrob arrives at ‘Ventaneando’

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Mexico City.- A controversial ex-galán of telenovelas from Televisawho for years was the most sought-after leading man of the 90’s until the scandals monopolized the spotlights in his career, appears in the program windowing of Aztec TV with exclusive statements. Is about Alfredo Adamewho was banned from the San Angel company after being in the today programmorning in which he worked with Andrea Legarreta and whom he ended up insulting several times in recent years.

Adame starred in telenovelas like I don’t believe in men, beyond the bridge Y Family portraithowever, currently stands out for its media reputation and controversial fights with celebrities, including Andrea Legarreta. And it is that after working together in the morning, the presenter attacked her accusing her of being unfaithful to Erik Rubin and pointing out that she is the one who presumably orders the dismissals in Today by influences with executives.

Immediately afterwards, after his strong attacks, Legarreta answered him publicly in 2019 in the middle of a live program pointing out gender violence. And after several scandals in his personal life, like his two divorces and fights with their ex-partners Diana Golden Y Mary Paz Banquellshis estrangement with his three children and his alleged bankruptcy last year, Adame appears in windowing where he tells how he reacted to the joke that the influencers made him King Grupero Y flabby marquez.

Rey Grupero played a joke on Adame

As will be remembered, both posted a canvas with his image offering karate classes and DJing outside his property as a joke. The problem is that they included Adame’s number and a video was leaked on the networks where the driver reacts annoyed to seeing the tarpaulin in his house and exclusively for the cameras of the TV show. Pati Chapoythe reality show winner I’m famous, get me out of here! del Ajusco reacted furiously and said how everything went.

“I go out and I see the door open and a blanket. I see that it says ‘karate and DJ classes, bike kicks, do not accept imitations, sensei Alfredo Adame’, pure stupidity and the telephone. It is seen that this canvas was hung on a bridge and the King Grupero and the other guy take a very victorious photo. He has nothing to do, he is starving. Now I find out that he is a little guy from Monterrey called Fofo Márquez, who is already pimping him by King Grupero, “he revealed.

Rey Grupero and Cynthia Klitbo

And annoyed, he sent a tremendous message to the tiktoker about King Grupero and warned that has weapons in his house: “I just want to tell Fofo the risk he took for paying attention to this idiot. There are weapons in this house. That little guy doesn’t know what he could have gotten into. I tell both of them very clearly: I don’t answer Chipote with blood,'” he said, in addition to confirming that he will not file a lawsuit: “I am not going to proceed legally because there is no case.”

On the other hand, Adame destroyed the actress Cynthia Klitbowho is a former partner of Rey Grupero and who has resumed his friendship after the scandal with John Vidal: “She is a person with severe personality, alcohol and drug problems. She is neither the great actress nor is she the first actress that she says. First actresses and great villains Lilia Aragon, Angelica Aragon. If Juan Vidal threw it out, it’s for something. Imagine her with her psychotic personality…remember that even her daughter wanted to sue her and she said that her mother was an alcoholic and drug addict. Imagine the panchos that she must have put together for this guy, “she concluded.

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