Goodbye ‘Hoy’: After 14 years on Televisa, driver loses exclusivity and joins ‘Ventaneando’

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Mexico City.- A dear driver today programwho began his career in Televisa 14 years ago participating in soap operas after being rejected by Aztec TVit appears inwindowing. Is about Paul Stanleyson of the famous and deceased television presenter paco stanley. As will be remembered, Paul debuted in the San Angel TV in 2009 in the soap opera chameleonshowever, now gave an exclusive interview to the broadcast of Pati Chapoy.

Stanley, who in addition to being the driver of the today program He has participated in melodramas such as I am your owner, A refuge for love, Because love rules, Neighborhood love Y Dream of love, joined the morning paper in 2012, however, two years later he left. In 2017 he returned and since then he has become one of the spoiled along with Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta Y Raul Araizain addition to the fact that he has also been in other programs such as Losing the Judgment, Which is the good one? Y my dear heritage.

For this reason, it was believed that he had a exclusivity contract with Televisa, however, now it is known that it would not be like that because it gave a exclusive interview to Ajusco. And despite the fact that he himself revealed that when he wanted to apply for a job there they did not even let him deliver papers, now he joined windowing to pronounce on the joke he made mario bezares in TikTokfor which he is accused of having mocked death his father’s. As will be remembered, Bezares was imprisoned a year and a half after being accused of murder Of paco.

Noticeably upset, Paul reacted in front of the cameras of windowing to joke that Bezares did on TikTok around the murder from his father in 1999 in a CDMX taqueria. “Family, I’m going to the bathroom,” Bezares says in the video. “No… we follow you”, they all answer, alluding to the time that Paco was murdered after Bezares stopped in the bathroom, which is why he became a suspect.

“I find it very unpleasant that this gentleman has done that. Playing with the death of my father, his friend as he said, seems to me a total baseness. On the other hand, between jokes and jokes we leave it there and on the other hand it allows us to think about many other things because also when all that happened, they did not come out innocent, they came out due to lack of evidence so you have to be careful with what you do. That speaks more about the person he is, more than about us,” Paul commented.

“Yes, I was upset… why answer? But it was low,” he added. And about the series that Bezares plans to do about what happened after Paco’s death, he said: “I think he’s already started doing it on TikTok, right? We’ll have to see if he tells the truth about things. As a son you stay with the uncertainty after so many years of not knowing who it was or what happened, right? But well, you learn to live with that pain and then they take those things out. People talk a lot but this brother is the least suitable person to make these jokes, “he concluded .

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