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Mexican pride! There is no doubt that the humility and having your feet on the ground serves to achieve dreams and meet goals. just like she did a young man who showed off how he was dressed in his Conalep uniform at the Tomorrowland festival. This is to break the stigma that exists about this institution, of which Several professionals have been trained.

It was through TikTok – from the Paqo Paez account – where this spectacular gesture of the young man who studied at Conalep was made known.


In the clip, the young man appears in Tomorrowland, dressed in the uniform of the school institution – a white shirt with the Conalep logo – next to a Mexican flag, which he raised proud of his origins.

“Look mom, graduated from Conalep and fulfilling my dreams now in Tomorrowland,” wrote the Mexican.

As expected, this clip immediately went viral with multiple reactions of applause and recognition for raising the name of Conalep. And it is that there are several discriminatory comments about the institution, despite the fact that several students have shown that they do learn and promote.

“That is all”; “The school doesn’t matter, the important thing is to give it a try and fulfill your dreams”; “The school doesn’t matter, the joke is to have goals, fulfill them and make you want to, I also went to Conalep and continued studying and now I treat myself expensively”; “They say that the school does not matter and everyone believes that there can only be the rich from important schools, believe it, CONALEP is great,” she reads among the reactions.


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