Enrique Ponce spoke about his friendship with Luis Miguel, are they still friends?

the spanish bullfighter Henry Ponce clarified that he is no longer friends with Luis Miguelsince he and his ex-wife dove caves They got divorced. These statements happened just a few days after the Mexican singer and the Spanish designer were seen having dinner together, so different versions are already circulating that suggest they are giving each other an opportunity, but neither party has confirmed it, so it could be just a friendship.

The magazine “Hola” published that “el Sol” and Paloma had been caught together in Madrid, dining at a Chinese restaurant. The meeting caught the attention of the international media, who have talked about the news, since the meal occurred while other diners were around him and, usually, Luis Miguel tries to meet privately with his friends and dates to avoid the paparazzi siege.

Pigeon Caves. Photo: Instagram

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And although the singer and the designer have met lately, it is not the first time they have done so, since they are united by a friendship that dates back more than 10 years, because while Paloma and Enrique were married (from 1996 to 2020), they They became godmother and godfather of the second son of “el Sol”, Miguel Gallego Arámbula (in 2007), who shares with Aracely Arámbula.

Now the Spanish media “Semana” published that he had access to a statement from the bullfighter in which he literally said: “I have no relationship with Luis Miguel since I separated.”

Ana Soria and Erique Ponce. Photo: Instagram

The divorce between Ponce and Cuevas became official two years ago, on July 1, 2020. After their separation, the bullfighter announced that he had given himself another chance at love, by beginning a relationship with Ana Soria, with whom undertook the creation of a company in the real estate sector, and although much has been said recently about the possibility of a future wedding, scheduled for the end of the year, the couple has not spoken. Instead, “Caras” has indicated that Ana’s priority is to finish her law studies, a career that she studies at the University of Granada, in Spain.

For her part, Paloma Cuevas has also rebuilt her life, since she is focused on her business as a children’s designer and decorator, and she is also one of the personalities who promoted the Aladina Foundation, which supports children and youth populations suffering from cancer.

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