Elizabeth Hurley shoots the temperature coming out of the sea with a bikini

elizabeth hurley She is enjoying her summer vacation at sea to the fullest, where she traveled to rest and model her sexiest bikinis. The 57-year-old British actress is one of the most attractive women in the world who is also a successful businesswoman.

Already recovered from the ankle injury she suffered earlier this year during a modeling session, Liz did not hesitate and showed her millions of followers that she continues to enjoy her life.

liz hurley elizabeth sea bikini

“Do you hate people who make a fuss by stepping into cold water?” Hugh Grant’s ex-girlfriend wrote in the Instagram post.

With that figure, one would think that the actress of “To Devil with the Devil” spends hours in the gym and suffering with extreme diets, but no. Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that her diet consists of giving up junk food, processed products and staying active.

“I don’t do a lot of regular exercise but I’m very active and I run all day. I enjoy pilates, although I don’t do it often enough but I recently joined a gym for the first time in years and I hope to be motivated to go often,” told “Healthy Living.”

liz hurley white bikini

“I rarely skip breakfast and always have lunch but the lighter the dinner the better. I try my best to have an apple for a snack instead of a cookie and I always start the day with a couple of cups of hot water Otherwise, I eat pretty normally but avoid processed and junk foods,” the model revealed about her eating style.

In addition to owning the Elizabeth Hurley Beach brand, she models her own clothes. elizabeth hurley She saw her fame grow when she began her courtship with actor Hugh Grant, with whom she attended the premiere of the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” in 1994.

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